Liaoning Oxiranchem Inc.

Liaoning Oxiranchem Inc. (300082 CHN ), a subsidiary of Oxiranchem Group, is the first listed company in China in the sector of alkylene oxide deep processing, focusing on the research, development and the production of high-end fine chemicals based on ethylene oxide. Oxiranchem has more than 20 subsidiaries located in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Sichuan, Guangdong, Wuhan,Jilin etc.  

The 5 main product categories are macromonomers for high-performance polycarboxylate polyether, high-quality (GMP conform) polyethylene glycols for pharmaceutical applications and personal care , bio-based surfactants, high- performance materials and special additives. The products are widely used in construction for infrastructure projects such as high-speed railway lines, subway underground construction, airports and expressways as well as in daily used cleaning agents, washing powders, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, automotive, textiles, printing inks, dyes and many other fields.    

Over the past 30 years the company was growing rapidly and the business performance have been improved as well.

Liaoning Oxiranchem was founded in 1992. Conversion of shareholders was finalized in 2000. In 2010 the company went public to the capital market and raised capital of 2.295 billion RMB at an issue price of 85 RMB per share. At that time this was the highest price that could be raised by going public in the chemical sector in China.

In 2021, the company was selected to be one of China's top 500 chemical companies and it has already been in this list for 12 consecutive years. The company’s brand evaluation value is 3.341 billion RMB.

Liaoning Oxiranchem keeps 211 patents at the time being.

In terms of polyether macromonomonomers, the company is the national manufacturing champion. The company has been awarded many times, e.g. the national first batch of innovative enterprises, national key high-tech enterprises, China's excellent private science and technology enterprises, national postdoctoral research station and national enterprise technology center.

  • Unite people with culture

    Motivated scientific and technological “like-minded “team that innovates with spirit

    Entrepreneurship in order to create value for customers

    Creating and sharing together

    Attract high-level technical experts and senior talents in China and abroad

    Teach groups of young talents with "ideals, abilities and responsibilities"

    Form a strong employee retention and a high degree of competitiveness.

    Unite people with culture
  • Winning with strategy

    By applying appropriate development strategy, Oxiranchem is able to generate value in the sector of epoxies and ethylene. The company owns a certified 50,000 cubic meter low-temperature ethylene storage tank. Oxiranchem’s advanced engineering and processing capabilities enable ethylene oxide production capacities that corresponds to about 11% of the global production. The company has successfully completed the set-up of 1.35 million tons of production capacity of ethylene oxide derivatives along the Yangtze River and along the sea in the Northeast of China,  East China, South China, Central China and Southwest China. High level plant with an annual output of 300,000 tons of ethylene oxide, forming a strong competitive industrial chain, from ethylene to epoxy to epoxy derivatives.

    From 2007 to 2020, Oxiranchem was able to finalize the challenging domestic strategy to build up a capacity of 1.35 million tons for ethoxylated products.

  • Innovation driven

    Science and technology organization have created the basis to lead innovation into the future. Oxiranchem has a series of independent intellectual property rights. The advanced ethoxylation catalysis technology is recognized internationally.

    An advanced pilot platform for transfer of R&D results is the basis for further growth.

    Solid cooperation and alliances between Oxiranchem and Universities have been formed, such as with  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and Dalian University of Technology, and established five technology centers in Northeast, East, Central, South and Southwest China. Guided by the sustainable development principle of "Megatrend, Huge Market, Less Competition, high-end and intensive", Oxiranchem has successfully adjusted its leading products from crystalline silicon cutting fluid to water- reducing agent polyether. In this sector Oxiranchem occupies more than 40% of the domestic market share. Oxiranchem has achieved the one of the global leading innovator in epoxy derivatives and carbon dioxide derived ethylene carbonate products. In addition the company came up with an innovative epoxy sterilization technology.

    Innovation  driven
  • Scientific management

    Customer – centered value creation is regularly practiced by Oxiranchem’s Summits. The latest was held in 2020 in Hangzhou.

    Strategic partnerships have been developed with Sinopec, PetroChina, Shell, Marubeni, Oriental Yuhong, LETS Kezhijie, Redwall and other well-known companies in China and abroad.

    Oxiranchem has five sales companies, a Shanghai trade and financial platform and has been  participating in international exchanges and exhibitions in the United States, Japan, Germany, Dubai and other places for many times.

  • Harmonious development

    Leading the industry by creating value. Oxiranchem has successfully hosted “International Ethylene Oxide Fine Chemicals Development Forum” for five years, has been continuously participating in China’s International Petrochemical Conference Summit and has joined the global Charter of Responsibility. It is committed to the cause of public welfare, implement the poverty alleviation and built a low-carbon green community. In the fight against COVID-19, it donated money and materials to Wuhan. At the 2020 national “two sessions”, Chairman Zhu Jianmin, fully advocated the establishment of epoxy sterilization system to improve China's biosafety guarantee, and issued the strongest voice of private enterprises of “Ensuring unimpeded industrial and supply chains means ensuring employment and people's wellbeing”.

    Harmonious development