Polyether for high slump retaining polycarboxylic acid water reducer

OXHP-703 can easily synthesize water reducing agent with excellent comprehensive performance through reasonable composition, so as to realize the comprehensive balance between water reducing property and slump retaining property. Generally, the synthetic water reducing agent of this product can achieve good concrete working performance without compounding slump retaining agent. It has the advantages of convenient use and high cost performance. Flake appearance, good water solubility and stable aqueous solution. It can be prepared into water agent products for sale and more convenient to use.

OXAB-501 product adopts the international leading full-automatic production line and narrow distribution catalytic polymerization production process, with large production batch, stable quality, narrow molecular weight distribution, low impurity content and high polymerization activity. The synthesized water reducer has outstanding slump retaining performance, good adaptability and superior comprehensive performance. The aqueous solution is stable and can be prepared into water agent products for sale, which is more convenient to use.s for sale and easy to use.